Sunday, March 15, 2009

because the love overwhelmed me

Jenny, the Bloggess – The line IS so thin .. yet the choke hold so strong. You say things will get better and I believe you because you are The Bloggess. (and I worship you)

Maggiemaeul – It was the first time I had showered since Sunday and I only did it because my armpits smelled like onions. (im kidding) … (no Im not)

Conqueror – selfish. Can do.

Andrea – Clean clothes never stay clean. Can I get some help with that?

Silverstar – 10 days huh? Impressive!

Jaysquared – Yeah, the moments of despair are just moments .. especially when youre consolation prize is rapid cycle mania.

Ian.Baily – SSHHHH .. that totally wont help me get SSI.

Thank you.JPerksofbeingme - Warmer please, though.

Lu – Im glad you made it through too!

Dad2boy – I believe anything Jenny says. She is so wise. Im gonna Google Pristiq because my doctor has NOTHING on Google.

Veronica – back atcha biatch. (not to be confused with bitch, which might be offensive to some)

Negar – you just confirmed that I am .. indeed .. a SuperStar.

TMC – See above comment to Ian.Baily

CrazyOnYou – I know exactly what you mean .. there are times when I am 100% positive that by the time I take my next step I will have taken my last breath.

Lotus – I’ve cried with you more times than you’ll know. I have yet to find words for you as graceful as those you’ve given me. Thanks for making me feel like a total asshole. (god bless the sarcastic mind) (ps. Did you know that you are one of my top TWO favorite blogs?! .. so yeah .. having you comment on my blog is like having Britney Spears talk to ME in that strange British accent. This totally rocks)

Amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay -- I choose sleep because booze is costing too much.

Cecimeanspeas – funny you say “theres a whole big world out there” because as I was melting down in the shower .. I was looking at the shower curtain and all I could think was “I CANT GO OUT THERE!”

Rocyn – did they have good food?

Jennifer H – I don’t really have a lot of friends on the internet. I just happened to post this on The Bloggess’ comment page because 1) it was a true story and 2) since I was feeling better (read: manic) I decided I would give Jenny something to laugh at. Jenny has a heart, apparently, and twittered it to the world. For this I will always love Jenny (well, for this and the fact that she is one notch crazier than I am which makes life worth living)

Gcotharn – thank you, and I do. I wanted to send you a little chuckle back .. but I’ve got nothing.

Tracy Lynn – Sister Mercy! You checked into the WRONG psych ward!

Luna – I prefer to have crazy moments during the day. Preferably in public. When Im manic I think that being Mad is crazywackycool. This right here proves I really am nuts but it also proves I have the Britney Spears coolness factor.

Hope – No need to get out of your jammies until your armpits smell like onions.

Back-in-black – Im lazy, We can keep it real. Have I been in a mental hospital before? Yes. Will I again? Im sure.

Harlequinade – my crazy is so much more fun than your crazy. (thank you for the words of encouragement .. sincerely.)

I hope ya'll continue to come back .. even though the pressure is now totally on. I stopped writing at my old blog because, while what I said there was original and real and ME .. I felt like I had created a place where I wasnt totally comfortable putting ALL of me out there.
Thats why I created this place. I hope you'll stick with me while I grease the gears and get things going.

In the mean time .. feel free to take a look at the archives .. for shits and giggles if for nothing else. (some of you may note that there are large chunks of posts missing from these archives and you would be correct. That would be on account of mass quantities of vodka and very little if not ZERO prescription medication. Eh.)


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