Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Picture Day

Today is picture day for my youngest daughter, shes in first grade. Everyone say "Hi, Devyn". Yes her hair is still wet and yes it was dry before she got on the bus and no its not that cold outside today and yes I think she's pretty neat.

Whats this photo got to do with Picture Day? Nothing. But is was taken at a school .. a University to be exact. Thats my foot at the end of my leg.
Whats the point? Well .. I took this photo the day I enrolled myself in the University again. So that alone is some pretty exciting shit, no?
Also, I wanted to be very Bossyish and take pictures of the lady who was preparing my transcript but I realized that I couldnt sit there and pretend to be trying to figure out my camera, like Bossy does, because I drive a point and shoot Kodak EasyShare and not some fancy schmancy Cannon or whateverthehell like Bossy does.
So I took this picture instead because Are my shoes ugly? Do they make me look like a lesbian? (thats a PINK Nike swoosh, thankyouverymuchoveropinionatedbutthead)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So you're back in school? That's awesome! I know you'll do amazing.

March 17, 2009 at 7:38 AM  

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