Thursday, April 2, 2009

im so hardcore

So I took one of those Facebook quiz things .. ok .. I took like 85 of them (Hi, Im an addict, have I mentioned that?) This particular one was "Which Crazy Bitch Are You?" .. and since I have been called a Crazy Bitch by every.single.mother.fucker.Ive.ever.met.and.even.a.few.that.Ive.NEVER.met.
I decided to do this little quiz and find out just exactly which crazy bitch I am! Because apparently you can find this shit out .. on Facebook .. for free. WHO KNEW!?

At first I was totally hoping I'd end up being Mallory from Natural Born Killers .. so I could be all "HOW SEXY AM I NOW FUCKER!?!?" .. and then .. I saw "Courtney Love" and was all "..the fuck??" .. and then .. I read it and was all "..the fuck?? Facebook is like Jesus! I think I *am* Courtney Love" .. which is kinda hard to admit, even now, cause she's kinda a total fuck up.

I'll let you be the judge..

You are one wild bitch. You love trouble and trouble loves you. You like to have a good time and won't let anyone get in your way. Sometimes you seem like you are perpetually trapped in a childhood mentality and you take alot of flack from alot of people for your carefree ways. Nevertheless you care alot about the people close to you and if anyone messes with you or the ones you love, you will fuck them up. You can rock out with the best of them and won't let anyone tell you otherwise. You are this perfect balance between girly chick and tough chick. You are blatantly honest and sometimes people can find this a little hard to take but you really don't give a shit. .


Blogger Mr Farty said...

You are Britney Spears and I claim my five pounds.

April 2, 2009 at 1:21 PM  

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