Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ha Ha Im so full of it. Here I am yet again .. twice in one day. Write it down. Oh wait, I just did. I'll tell you why Im here again and not ... out there somewhere making you wonder where madness is.

Its a little something called I missed two weeks of classes and spent the last six days catching up .. which pretty much turned out to be one giant marathon panic attack / work my ass off week.

Im still two assignments away from totally caught up but one requires that I downloand Visio which I *did* but have to do again and the other requires that I conduct research in the online library and .. well .. I currently have a hate/hate relationship with the online library so Im pretending it doesnt exist. *whistles and drawn circles in the sand with her toes*


So I have been off of work, off of work? out of work? unemployed for almost four months. Four months. Almost 16 weeks. Thats all the math Im willing to do right now. I started blogging again at the beginning of my laziness .. er .. off work-ed-ness thinking I would blog like crazy and be all proud of myself. Ha! Im guessing I dont know Me very well because, yeah right, that didnt happen. At all.
Why? Because Im lazy as all get out.
Im not here saying Im going to start writing again .. by any means. Im just here, now because it occured to me how totally lame I am.
Or have been.
Either way .. I said it.
Good Day.

Friday, June 5, 2009


fyi -- its really creepy that your stalking me on my blog.